Live healthier.
Zero resistance.

Simplify Your Health: 5-week course to Shift your perspective.

No more getting healthy. Let’s start living healthy – every moment.


Remove the struggle and change your outcome.

The core of Shift is living purposefully healthy all the time.

Removing the struggle of always trying to “get” healthy and developing habits that keep us healthy inside and out.

Imagine a constant feeling of health and happiness without the:

  • Hustle
  • Scheduling
  • Missed classes
  • Fatigue
  • Guilt
  • Disappointments
  • Restarts

Shift training will make healthy choices your natural way of life:

  • Simplifying actions.
  • Removing old constructs and limiting beliefs.
  • Reframing challenges to make them achievable.
  • Rethinking goals to answer a truer why.
  • Shifting focus on the Truth of being healthy. 

Simplify Your Health 5-Week Course

Your Transformational Shift

Simplify Your Health will completely change your understanding, knowledge and relationship with my 7 Core Pillars of Holistic Health. No weights. No workouts. Over these 5 weeks, you’ll learn new habits that will change…

  • How you move, eat and breathe
  • How you begin and end your day
  • How to respond to stress
  • How you model your home and office
Your Coach & Mentor, Brian Humphrey

Healthier People Build Healthier Communities

I’m Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Speaker Brian Humphrey. I’ve spent 20 years supporting and guiding individuals to strive for deeper, more holistic health. 

I truly believe the more we build healthier people, the more we collectively build a stronger, healthier community around us.

No ego.

No resistance.

Let’s just be.


Our Successes

Joins hundreds who have experienced their own Shift

Working with Brian has offered me a fresh perspective into both my personal and professional life. He has an uncanny ability to empathize with ones personal challenges and reframe them as opportunities, which helps to motivate you to address them head on, to both be and feel better.

Brian instantly made me feel welcome and included. His non-judgemental, positive approach to wellness is refreshing and helped renew my commitment to my health and fitness.

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Shift is more than a change in life, it’s a new way of living

~ Brian Humphrey