Four reasons sitting on the couch is GOOD for your health

Here’s professional health & fitness advice you won’t hear often…but I stand by it. I’m giving you 4 reasons to stop feeling guilty about sitting lazily on your comfy ol’ couch. As a coach & trainer, my goal isn’t to get you shredded (If that’s your goal, super. But….) My goal is to inspire you […]

This man’s 30 pound weight loss at work

Here’s a true weight loss story of a man who changed one thing in his workday: he walked to the restroom. Once. Then again. And soon, every time. No more taking the elevator. No more going 11 straight hours just sitting at his desk with almost zero movement. Three months later, he’d lost 30 pounds. […]

How the pandemic changed my entire view on health & fitness

Business closed due to pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was forced to close my gym. After a lifetime of building my health and fitness business, it was gone. But with the loss of everything I knew came the opportunity to learn everything new and make a total shift.