Marketing and modern conventions have turned healthy living into a pursuit:

  • Forcing ourselves to exercise, eat less junk food and get outside
  • Wishing we had the energy to make visions happen
  • Sacrificing rest so we can get more work done
  • Spending more time preparing food than enjoying it
  • Masking pain rather than naturally alleviating it
  • Falling off the wagon…over and over

As a Personal Trainer, I was right there with you – selling ways to become healthy. But after nearly 20 years coaching people along this idea that health was a “journey,” I had this breakthrough…


We don’t need to go anywhere to achieve optimal health, we just need to stop moving so far away from it. 


Let go. 

Stop doing.

Start being. 

If you’re ready to stop chasing and start embodying balance and holistic health every moment of every day, Simplify Your Health will help guide you there in just 5 weeks.


Shift Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Your transformational Shift takes place inside this 5-week course. The mentorship, lessons and action steps will educate and motivate you to:

  • Make better choices about what belongs in your life and what doesn’t
  • Think more clearly so you can laser focus on what is most important
  • Act more intentionally so that everything you do is done with purpose
  • Repurpose your energy so you’re not wasting it on overcoming resistance
  • Eliminate resistance so that you’re only doing what brings you true happiness
  • Adapt to change so that you can be your best self, no matter what the circumstance



As advancements continue making physical movement less necessary in our daily lives, we now need to prioritize movement more than ever. And no, we’re not talking about workouts, weights or long distances. We start by simplifying our idea of healthy movement and eliminating all resistance.

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Our body gets stronger through movement. Our mind gets stronger through stillness. With our busy, modern lifestyles, doing nothing tends to feel unproductive and wasteful. But that nothingness in between actions is crucial to maintaining balance and overall health.

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I’ve replaced the word “nutrition” with “nourishment” because our bodies absorb much more than just food and drink through our mouths.
We consume through our eyes and ears too – the things that affect our thoughts, feelings and growth.

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Breathing doesn’t just provide oxygen.
It moves our blood, helps us heal, provides clarity, raises our alkalinity and allows our body and mind to function optimally.

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Our environment means our surroundings, the people we are amongst and the things we immerse ourselves in on a daily basis.
The energy of each has an effect on our physical, mental and emotional health.

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Nature is the bridge between the physical and non-physical elements of our personal health. But in modern times, our relationship with our natural surroundings has largely been detached, especially for those in urban settings. As organic beings, nature is essential for balanced health – eating it, seeing it, touching it and being in it.

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Bad habits often develop as a reaction to things like stress or negative situations.
But giving more space between allows us to meaningfully respond, rather than just react.
That in turn allows room to make better, healthier decisions.

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I feel like I already live a fairly healthy lifestyle. Is this course for me?

Yes! The goal of this course is to remove all resistance and simplify every aspect of our inner and outer health. Just because you love running and smoothies doesn’t mean you’ve optimized and balanced you’re health holistically.

I don’t live a very healthy lifestyle and am pretty much at square one. Is this course for me?

Yes! In fact, you’re in the best spot to start, because this course is about shifting our mindset away from our modernized health pursuit (workouts, meal plans etc.) to hone in on the basics of everyday health – physical and non-physical.

Will this course help me train for a marathon or lose weight?

Maybe, but it’s not the intent. The goal of this course is to help us look deeper into what balanced, holistic health really entails, and how it’s truly the foundation of the happiest, most impactful you. And hey, this new perspective may, in turn, help you hit specific targets after all!

Do I need any equipment or supplies to complete the course?

Nope. Just a pencil. And hydration – cause it’s good for you.

Your Coach & Mentor, Brian Humphrey

I’m Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Speaker, Brian Humphrey. For nearly 20 years, I’ve dedicated my life to supporting and guiding individuals to strive for deeper, more holistic health. I’m a big believer that healthy people build healthy communities.

But the more I led people along their “Point A to Point B” journey – lift more, lose weight, run further etc. – the more I wondered why being healthy ever became a “journey” in the first place.

We’re born in perfect health. It’s our birthright. Then over time, we do and consume things that destroy our health, and then we purchase other things and go way out of our way to try and get it back.

This breakthrough inspired me to change my entire approach to health: lead and inspire everyone to tap into the health that we already have. So I designed this 5-week course to provide the framework for you to retake control of your health and happiness.

To repair our relationship with our health and deepen our love for Self.



Join hundreds who have experienced their own Shift

Working with Brian has offered me a fresh perspective into both my personal and professional life. He has an uncanny ability to empathize with ones personal challenges and reframe them as opportunities, which helps to motivate you to address them head on, to both be and feel better.

Brian instantly made me feel welcome and included. His non-judgemental, positive approach to wellness is refreshing and helped renew my commitment to my health and fitness.